Diogo Costa


Hi, I'm Diogo Costa, a Software Engineer from Portugal.

I have experience building front-ends with vanilla JavaScript and Sencha's Ext.js. For the back-end, I prefer Java technologies, usually J2EE or Spring Boot and Apache Camel. As for databases, I mostly work with PostgreSQL and Oracle Database.

I provide services through my own consultancy business.


I'm currently migrating my open-source projects to GitLab.


You can support the development of the open-source projects by donating. At the moment, only wire transfers are available. If you need an invoice for your donation, please contact me by e-mail. Thank you very much for your support!

Account Owner: DIOGO COSTA
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): PT50 0065 0922 0035 9250 0079 8
Bank Identifier Code (BIC, SWIFT): BESZPTPL
Receiving Bank: Banco BEST


For information related to any of my open-source projects, please use GitLab's issue tracker.

For other topics, you can reach me by e-mail: diogo<AT>aofcosta.me.

You can use GPG to encrypt your e-mails. Use this public key.